Why Choose Drones?

Get Better, More Comprehensive Data and Insights

Drone use has increased dramatically in the past several years in a variety of industries for many reasons. They operate in areas where manned aircraft cannot go, when satellite imagery is not detailed or timely enough, and when doing it some other way will endanger employees. Drones are not the answer for all aerial data collection and photo/video needs, but there are significant advantages when they’re used correctly.


Here are a few reasons why Flight Pro’s customers choose our drone services:



  • With our drones and flight expertise, we capture, process and deliver data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.
  • Small, unmanned drones launch at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.
  • We track and manage projects to reduce downtime and keep projects on schedule.
  • Flight Pros delivers efficiencies in gathering data that equate to savings for you.


  • Using drones keeps workers out of danger and limits other safety risks.
  • Drones navigate above land and around structures that are dangerous for workers.
  • We operate with rigorous safety standards and follow the FAA’s unmanned aerial system (drone) rules and guidelines.
  • Contact us if you have any questions about FAA drone regulations, airspace or general questions about operating drones for your project.


  • We can capture your project from nearly any angle or height.
  • Aerial imagery is an engaging and useful tool for customers and clients.
  • Our skilled drone pilots navigate in areas almost impossible to reach any other way.


  • We work with you to make sure we deliver the right data on time the first time.
  • We are honest about the strengths and weaknesses of drones.
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.


There is tremendous value in working with Flight Pros.

  • Plan for earthwork manpower and equipment needs
  • Submit more accurate bids
  • Track inventories with greater precision
  • Avoid costly downtimes
  • Present real estate properties in more appealing ways to sell faster

Let us show you how Flight Pros delivers better, more accurate results while saving your business resources, time and money.

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