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Get the Most Accurate Information & Highest-Quality Imagery Possible

Flight Pros makes drones work for you.

Whenever we fly drones, crunch data or edit imagery. we have one goal: provide you top-notch service and deliverables.

We specialize in three areas:

We understand your time is money, so we’ve standardized our process to ensure we’re as efficient as possible with your site and your time.

We fly safely, always, and we carry both aviation and general liability insurance to limit your risk.

Check out our primary services. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us to talk about your project. We’ll be honest and tell you if Flight Pros is the right fit for the job.

3D Models and Volumetrics

Drones are powerful image-capturing tools.

Once we have them, we transform the images into measurable 3D models with Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD), geographic information system (GIS) and photogrammetry software.

Aggregate, construction and engineering professionals use our 3D models for real-world site planning, management and development. We also calculate and provide cut-and-fill volumes with industry-standard software.

We use Real-Time Kinetic Global Positioning Systems (RTK GPS) survey equipment to verify ground control points, and highly accurate GPS data provides quality checks throughout all phases of final dataset creation.

Example Customer Uses: stockpile inventory management, scope-of-work estimating, marketing & advertising, accident scene reconstruction, historical comparisons.



Flight Pros uses multirotor and fixed-wing drones to create high-resolution 2D aerial maps of project areas. Think Google Earth-style maps, but much clearer, with map resolutions as detailed as half an inch per pixel.

We georeference every map, which means everything you see has a real-world GPS location to reference. If you need to measure your building site down to the inch, or need to know the exact real-world location of a gas line, sprinkler head or anything else, a Flight Pros Aerial map will make it possible.

You’ll be able to import your map(s) easily into any GIS program in the format you desire, or you can have Flight Pros do the data processing and provide you with contour lines, break lines or other markup and annotation information.

Example Customer Uses: project site timelines, normalized difference vegetation index field mapping, marketing & advertising, logistics for employees, installation tracking, insurance data, project planning.

HD Video and Images

The ability to capture high-definition video and pictures using drones is in our blood. It’s how we got our start in the drone-enabled service industry.

Flying drones and shooting photos or video at the same time takes serious skill, not to mention artistry. That’s why it’s easy to tell the difference between imagery shot by an untrained pilot and a professional drone pilot/photographer/videographer.

We’re pros.

With our flight of multi-rotor drones, we shoot rock-solid, crystal-clear video in 4K or 1080P. If pictures are more your style (or need), our cameras produce breathtaking 16- to 20-megapixel images with Micro Four Thirds and 1-inch sensors.

Example Customer Uses: environmental and watershed management, real estate marketing, commercials, business advertising, commemorative pictures/videos, construction project management, project scouting.

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