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Reasons Real Estate Agents Are Using UAVs to Showcase Homes & Properties

There are times when we all need a little perspective. For agents who specialize in either residential or commercial real estate, the time is now, and across the country drones are providing it.

Realtors are increasingly turning to professional drone service companies to help document and sell properties, with still images, videos or a combination.

It’s making a significant difference in how fast they’re selling land and homes at prices their clients want and need and, at the same time, in what they’re able to take home in commissions.

It’s a Red Carpet Out There

For decades, realtors have used still images shot from the ground or in the home to display their properties in free real estate publications, on open-house flyers and in mailers.

More recently, those images have migrated to the Internet.

According to a joint report by the National Association of Realtors and Google, 90 percent of house hunters go to the Web to look, if not first, then at some point during their home searches.

And let’s face it. Either way – traditional or online – it’s a beauty contest with all the homes for sale walking the runway. Whoever looks best get the most attention. Attention generally equates to quicker sales, less haggling over price and more potential for competing bids.

It’s all about eyes on the prize. Get more people looking at the property longer and the chances of making a sale go up. And, like everything in this era of online everything, great images and video make a huge difference.

In a market where still photos are still the norm, at least for a little longer, homes displayed in professionally shot video stand out and have higher levels of engagement. They also add palpable excitement to the home-buying process.

Ultimately, using drones can mean higher commissions for you. We’re betting that’s a view you could get used to.

National Reasons for Drones in Real Estate

A recent post highlighted half a dozen benefits of using drones to market real estate:

  1. Create more dramatic, compelling images.
  2. Create more interesting virtual tours.
  3. Highlight more property features.
  4. Generate new business by showing prospective sellers that you use every tool and take every opportunity to make their home look amazing.
  5. Out-market the competition.
  6. Save money compared to shooting video from a rented helicopter. (O.K., so this one’s probably a little over the top for Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding area.)

Local Reasons for Drones in Real Estate (plus two)

Some of the reasons we hear from local real estate agents overlap with the national reasons, but not all.

Local realtors who have hired Flight Pros to shoot aerial images and videos tell us:

  1. Photographs and videos shot from drones catch prospective buyers’ eyes. We give a 360-degree view of the outside, the yard and what they look like from dozens of angles you never would have been able to show otherwise. We fly toward the house, up and over to the other side. Forgive our bias, but it’s just more exciting, more dramatic – downright cooler! – than looking at photos shot from the ground. (See #1, above). Check out this video (link to the best real estate video you have) to see what we mean.
  2. Properties sell faster. One realtor told us that, once he posted the drone pictures and videos of a home, it was consistently in the top in online searches and he sold it shortly after.
  3. They want to differentiate themselves from other realtors with high-quality aerial images and video. (See #5, above.)
  4. Buyers want to see more than the property; they also want to see the surrounding neighborhood, community amenities and travel routes. Drone-shot imagery and video provide perspective that you otherwise might not get. For example, when we capture footage of a home’s exterior, we can also zoom out or fly higher to provide a view of the traffic arteries around Fargo-Moorhead and how close the buyer will be to them. They’ll see where the closest school is, or hospital, grocery store, public park or whatever else is important to them.
  5. Realtors can’t, or don’t want to, capture the footage themselves. It takes experience and expertise to shoot homes and other properties from a drone, not to mention the required licenses and liability insurance. There’s also a lot to keep track of in residential areas – pedestrians, vehicles, electricity transmission lines, trees, other houses – and reputable drone service providers take on the liability. (There’s something else, too:  it takes a strong creative eye and artist’s touch to capture images and video that make a house look like a future home.)
  6. Drone imagery makes it possible to create a map of a property, which can show square footage of buildings, parking lots, and so on. Not to mention that the end result is a map that looks more professional and is more accurate than a marked-up screenshot from Google Earth.
  7. On large properties, drone video can show expansiveness and uniqueness that simply can’t be captured from the ground.
  8. It’s a great tool for reaching people who are relocating to Fargo-Moorhead from another city or state. and are searching exclusively online. They’ll probably make one or two visits to town to look. Since can’t visit the property, touch it, see it with their own eyes anytime they want to, they rely on what they can find online. Imagine what a difference good video will make to them in terms of narrowing down options before they arrive.
  9. Finally, if you’re a realtor, it’s about making your clients – the sellers – happy. They’re proud of their homes and the work they’ve put into them. They want their house to look as impressive, inviting and well-cared-for as possible. It’s not just so they can sell it faster or at a higher price, but so they can feel good about handing it over to the next owner.

To Stand Out, Go All-In with Drones

There are tons of reasons to work with a professional drone service provider to shoot your properties. There’s a cost, but when you consider return on investment, it’s very reasonable.

If you decide to work with a professional drone service company, price is only one consideration. Keep the big picture of capabilities, credentials, experience, insurance and legal clearances in mind. Look for value.

With the right partner, drones can help you sell real estate faster, get more money for your clients and increase your profit potential. We’re guessing that’s all we really needed to say.

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