Lack of Speed Kills

Lack of Speed Kills Have you ever flown your drone on a picture perfect day, found the perfect shot for 4K video and decided to ignore the ‘Buffering Error’? If you did, you probably had to recreate the conditions because the results were unusable. Replacing the MicroSD card could prevent the ‘Buffering Error”. But what […]

Image of a Flight Pros drone at a construction site.

Drones in Construction, Earthmoving & Engineering

Building Together, The Right Way Trying to nail down exactly how many time-, money- and material-saving applications there are for drones in construction, engineering and earthmoving projects is like taking a peek into an architect’s or engineer’s brain. There are so many awesome ideas and complex equation solutions that it’s nearly impossible to choose the […]

Image of home by Flight Pros for real estate sales

Selling Real Estate with Drones

Reasons Real Estate Agents Are Using UAVs to Showcase Homes & Properties There are times when we all need a little perspective. For agents who specialize in either residential or commercial real estate, the time is now, and across the country drones are providing it. Realtors are increasingly turning to professional drone service companies to […]

A front-end loader with a bucket filled with rock

Drones for Aggregates: Top to Bottom Efficiency

Sometimes the reasons for using drones are as obvious as a hole in the ground. You know it better than anyone:  dirt, rock and sand are money, and your year can be made or smashed to pieces depending on whether you have too much or not enough for the job. Drones, aka “unmanned aerial vehicles” […]