We Fly Drones. Your Business Soars.

We’ll Save You Resources, Time & Money

Flight Pros is setting the standard in drone services in the Fargo, N.D.-Moorhead, Minn. community and surrounding region. We serve businesses that need precise aerial data collection, compilation and analysis for planning and management, and high-definition aerial photography and video for sales and marketing.

We Fly Drones for You

We say there’s only one way to fly drones – the Flight Pros way. Here’s what we mean:

  • We know how to fly drones to get exactly the data and imagery you need.
  • We conduct business with honesty, passion, positivity and transparency. Always.
  • Safety is an absolute.
  • High quality is paramount.
  • Integrity in working with customers goes without saying.

We’ll always be up-front with you about pricing and our capabilities. We’ll never try to convince you to use drones if another method for collecting data or imagery will be better.

At the end of every project, you need to be happy with our working relationship and the results. Our business depends on it.

Industries/Customers We Serve

  • Aggregates
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Real Estate
  • City Planning
  • Advertising & Marketing Firms
  • Tourism Agencies
  • Water Resource Boards
  • Utility Inspections
  • Investment Research
  • Golf Courses
  • Insurance Claims
  • Agriculture Mapping

Flight Pros


We’ve been flying drones since 2012, so we know how to get the most out of every mission. Our pilots are FAA Part 107 certified, and one of our team members is a licensed commercial pilot, which allows us to operate in areas that are otherwise restricted under FAA rules.

We also have extensive experience shooting photos and video with drone-mounted cameras. It takes years of flying to develop the level of technical skill we bring to each project. We also have an artistic eye for getting exactly the shots you want at the right angles, heights and times of day.


Some people think drone services is just flying drones. It’s so much more.

Once the flights are completed, our other areas of expertise – data and imagery manipulation – come into play. We compile and analyze data to your exact specifications, create 3D models and 2D site maps, calculate volumes and much more. We provide reports in formats that will work best for you.

To get it all done in house, we’ve also made significant investments in hardware and software .

We have state-of-the-art programs and software for precise data compilation, manipulation and processing. We own top-of-the-line photography and videography equipment. And we’ invested our time to fully understand how to use it efficiently and apply it to your project.

The results? You get the best information possible in formats that are easy for you to understand and use.

DJI Inspire 2


Whatever it is you need to accomplish with drones, we’re in it with you. All in.

Every mission, from planning to completion, is a joint effort between our team and yours.

It comes down to a positive working relationship. We’re easy to work with, we take time to really listen and get to the core of what you’re shooting for, and we consult with you on the types of shots needed to achieve your objectives. We’ll tell you what can be done, but we’ll also make sure you understand any limitations. That said, we love solving problems and we’ll always do our best to figure out innovative ways to get what you need.

We understand results matter for your business. That means they matter for ours, too.