We Fly Drones for You

Drones. The Right Way.

Professional Aerial Data Collection & Analysis, Photos & Video

There’s a right way to fly drones to collect data, photos and video from the sky. It’s the only way we fly.

We use drones to help our customers make sound decisions, manage projects and complete them more efficiently. We collect precisely the data you need, analyze it and present it in formats that save you and your subcontractors resources, time and money. Shooting with drone-mounted cameras is second nature. We have the required FAA certifications/licenses, aviation insurance and airspace authorizations to fly all available airspace in the Fargo, N.D. - Moorhead, Minn. region. Through it all, safety and quality are our top priorities.

The right way to fly drones for your project. The Flight Pros way.

Services We Provide:

Map Creation

Producing high resolution, Google Earth-style aerial maps.Want to see an area from above? We can help.

3D Models

Creating survey-grade 3D topogrophy models, structural models and providing volume analysis using drone photogrammetry.

HD Video & Images

4K and 1080P aerial drone video and crystal clear images to make your commercial, movie or marketing message stand out from the rest.

Our Customer Process

  • Call / Text / Email
  • Discuss Project Needs
  • Scout Project Area
  • File FAA Paperwork
  • Prepare Mission
  • Select Drone
  • Fly Mission
  • Collect Data
  • Process Data
  • Analyze and Markup
  • Deliver Data
  • Follow Up With Client

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